The project site at SimTk ( provides many useful sections for development and dissemination. These sections are briefly described below in order to guide new team members and those interested in the team's research activities. Please note that SimTk provides additional features, e.g surveys, that have not been implemented at this site.


This is the main page of the project website providing an overall description of the project.


This section lists all team members. Team members have full access to all sections of the project and are commonly involved in development. If you want to be part of the team, you need to:

  1. Create a SimTk account (in case you don't have it) at

  2. Send an e-mail to the project administrator, in this case Ahmet Erdemir, <erdemira AT ccf DOT org>, to be added as a team member. Please include in your e-mail:

    • Your name and surname,
    • your SimTK username, and
    • a brief description on why you are interested in this project and how you can contribute.

You will receive an e-mail confirming your membership. You need to be logged in to SimTk to be able to have full access to the project site.


This section is used for dissemination to provide release versions of the models, simulation results and experimental data (including documentation). Please refer to relevant pages in the wiki and/or folders in the Source Code Repository, including version numbers.


This section is used for dissemination to provide mature documentation about the project, including model specifications, manuals to use the models, developer guides, and scientific documentation, i.e. pre-print versions of abstracts and manuscripts, and posters and presentations. Rather than uploading the document, team members may provide links to mature pages in the wiki.


This section is used for discussion of model development stages and also helps collaborative documentation on project planning, execution, and documentation. The platform will allow interactions between team members. It is provided as a means to discuss project details and organize co-operations in experimental design, data analysis, model development and interpretation of simulation results. For details, please refer to InstructionsForWiki.

It is IMPORTANT for team members to use the wiki, because


This section is used for dissemination to provide publications resulted from the project. A link should be included:


Through this section, announcements related to the project can be accessed. Examples include news about releases of new model versions.

Public Forums

This section can be used as a means to interact with public to provide help in disseminated information.


Features & Bugs

This section can be used as a means to accept feature requests and to track bugs in models disseminated through the project.

Mailing Lists

This section can be used as a means of communication between team members and/or public and also for notification of new releases of downloads and documents.

Task Manager

This section can be used to assign tasks to project members and evaluate progress on milestones and activities.


This section can be used to implement surveys to get feeback from project members and public on various activities.

Source Code Repository

This section is used for collaborative model development. The repository provides a version control system, which allows team members to keep track of their (as well as others) work. In addition, the system makes multiple members work on the same code to achieve the goals of the project. For details, please refer to InstructionsForSourceCodeRepository.

It is IMPORTANT for team members to use the source code repository, because


This section can be used as a means of setting up and evaluating nightly builds and tests.

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