Recurring Meeting of Cleveland Clinic Core Team

Date: October 22, 2013

Time: 10:30 AM EST

Means: In person meeting


  1. Ahmet Erdemir
  2. Jason Halloran
  3. Snehal Chokhandre
  4. Tara Bonner


  1. Discuss assigned tasks progress
  2. Discuss expected tissue testing expenses and potential purchasing of tissue testing equipment
  3. Decide action items for next meeting
  4. Other

Immediate Action Items:

See notes for details.


  1. Discuss assigned task progress.
    • Ahmet reviewed the minutes for last week's meeting.
    • Ahmet scheduled meetings with the Advisory Board during the week of October 28, 2013.
    • Ahmet, Jason, Snehal will meet Dr. Winalski on Monday, October 29, 2013 at 8:00 AM. Dr. Winalski can provide insight on anatomical imaging
    • Jason created a flowchart for experimental operations.
    • Specimen specifications
      • Specimen selection criteria was decided upon. Exclusion criteria from previous orders will also be checked.
      • Snehal will update the specifications and if possible, order the specimens this week.
      • Order, billing and delivery details will be updated.
      • Sub-sample details will be updated later pending development of other experimentation specifications.
    • Imaging specifications
      • Craig updated the page with previously used MRI specifications.
      • Craig found relevant references to improve the specifications to better suit segmentation constraints. In this regard, different sets of acquisition settings will likely be tested. Different imaging sequences may be used to facilitate semi-automatic segmentation.
      • Ahmet and Jason will meet Chris Flask of imaging facilities during the week of October 28, 2013. A workable version of the imaging setting will be decided before the meeting.
      • Information on placement of registration markers should be included in specimen preparation.
      • Imaging settings must also focus on registration marker image quality along with the soft tissue.
      • Information about specimen transportation (using the fixture made for previous studies) needs to be added.
    • Robotics testing specifications
      • Target outcome for robotics testing needs to be specified.
      • The team will read and edit these specifications to have a complete working edition by the next meeting on October 29, 2013.
      • Specification pages for registration specimen preparation tasks were created.
    • FEBio feature specifications
      • Jason prepared a list of feature requests and created a priority list.
      • Jason also created a test problem to implement in situ strain feature..
      • Details of FEBio development will be discussed with the University of Utah group on October 23, 2013.
      • The task FEBio feature requests was deemed complete.

    • Publications
      • Scott will start working on the Open Knee - Generation 1 manuscript.
      • Ahmet submitted a one page manuscript to Journal of Medical Devices as part of ASME/FDA meeting.
    • Documentation
      • FEBio summary was comupdated by Ben and Ahmet. The page will be discussed with the University of Utah group to complete the task.
      • Tara and Robb will work on the task Mechanical experimentation infrastructure by providing relevant information about available equipment (including links) in the wiki.

  2. Discuss expected tissue testing expenses and potential purchasing of tissue testing equipment.
    • Alternatives were discussed to keep the tissue experimentation cost to a minimum without limiting the data that can be acquired for the study.
    • The minimum number of samples that need to be tested is 18 for each specimen. With 3 hour of testing time for each sample and $100/hour cost for machine time, the minimum cost of testing tissues for one knee specimen will be $5400, excluding the indirect costs.
    • Existing protocols may be modified to reduce testing time.
    • Three alternatives were discussed to provide flexibility to the experimenters (accommodating room for errors).
      • A fixed fee for machine time, rather than an hourly fee, during the duration of the study for unlimited use of the testing equipment (indirect costs will apply).
      • Cost sharing for buying and maintaining new equipment with the BioRobotics Core.

      • Purchasing testing equipment specifically for the project. Ahmet had requested a quote from Biomomentum Inc. This may be a cost-effective option as indirect costs will be limited and experimenters will not be limited by cost of machine time.
    • Ahmet, Snehal, Tara and Robb will meet next week to discuss the issue further and finalize a solution.
  3. Decide action items for next meeting
    • Development of all specifications will continue.
    • Check immediate action items for details.
  4. Other
    • Ahmet updated scripting environment information as part of infrastructure documentation.
    • Auxiliary software useful for model development were also listed by Ahmet.
    • Structure of source code repository is also being developed by Ahmet.

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