Recurring Meeting of Cleveland Clinic Core Team

Date: July 15, 2014

Time: 10:30 AM EST

Means: In person meeting


  1. Ahmet Erdemir
  2. Jason Halloran
  3. Craig Bennetts
  4. Snehal Chokhandre
  5. Katie Stemmer
  6. Robb Colbrunn
  7. Tara Bonner


  1. Discuss immediate action items from the last meeting.
  2. Discuss pilot testing preparation (to be scheduled between July 21st-25th) .
  3. Decide immediate action items for the next meeting.
  4. Other.

Immediate Action Items:


  1. Discuss immediate action items from the last meeting.
    • As most of the group was at the World Congress of Biomechanics in the previous week, the immediate action items are carried over.
    • Katie gave an update on her progress creating ACL/PCL solid models and meshes. The process has been documented on the wiki for her project, cruciate modeling. Salome was used to create a tetrahedral mesh. Ahmet will likely port the relevant documentation to the Open Knee(s) wiki.

  2. Discuss pilot testing preparation (to be scheduled between July 21st-25th) .
    • Robb will be out of town in the beginning of next week. The testing will likely move forward without his presence, at least until he returns.
    • The whole Open knee(s) experimentation process will be the focus. The test knee will be taken out of the freezer on Sunday afternoon. Specimen preparation will start on Monday afternoon, MRI on Tuesday morning and tibiofemoral joint testing on Tuesday afternoon. Patellofemoral testing will follow on Wednesday morning with tissue specimen preparation starting on Wednesday afternoon.
    • The group discussed retaining a peripheral tissue sample from an untested region, e.g. from the foot, for reference tissue testing. If subject to the same environmental conditions as the whole specimen, that is the same hydration and freeze and thaw cycles, this reference tissue testing may reflect the overall level of tissue degradation. The candidate tissue can be a cartilage sample (with the bone) from the ankle joint. To accommodate this, the whole foot will be retained and a cartilage sample will be tested everyday throughout the whole protocol. A simple compression test may suffice for this purpose.
    • The experimentation workload was discussed.
      • Pressure sensors need to be calibrated and equivalenced. Robb and Jason will accomplish that this week. Related specifications will need to be populated, including what computer and hardware will need to be used.
      • Snehal will remove the knee from the freezer on Sunday at an appropriate time (see specifications).
      • Tara will take care of specimen preparation on Monday.
      • Craig will take the lead on specimen preparation for MRI specimen.
      • Tara will lead specimen potting and tibiofemoral joint testing. Related kinematics/kinetics trajectories will be created before next week. Gravity compensation will also be taken care of this week. One related concern that Ahmet brought up is the reproducibility of data collection following gravity compensation. Robb noted that management of gravitational effects also includes other artifacts such as friction induced by the mechanical setup. One option to overcome this issue is to mount the tibia up for the tibiofemoral testing and reverse the knee for the patellofemoral testing only. The patellofemoral testing only needs a passive flexion cycle. It was decided inverting the knee for tibiofemoral joint testing is the ideal way.
    • Katie will be in charge of taking pictures and in the documentation of how the protocols are followed. She will also note changes to and/or deviations from the specifications.
    • Team members who are not leading a given task will help to accomplish the work.
  3. Pilot testing information will populate the specimen oks004 (or a lower number in case a specimen has not been assigned yet), in which the metadata will describe this as a pilot test. Snehal will verify what specimens we currently have.
  4. Decide immediate action items for the next meeting.
    • Action items were assigned and agreed upon by the group. See Immediate Action Items above.
  5. Other.
    • Ahmet provided an overview of his meeting with the groups from Stanford University and University of Utah at the World Congress of Biomechanics.

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