Recurring Meeting of Cleveland Clinic Core Team

Date: September 23, 2014

Time: 10:30 AM EST

Means: In person meeting


  1. Ahmet Erdemir
  2. Craig Bennetts
  3. Snehal Chokhandre
  4. Robb Colbrunn
  5. Tara Bonner
  6. Sam Doerle


  1. Discuss immediate action items from the last meeting.
  2. Discuss testing schedule and preparation for oks specimen to be tested in October.
  3. Decide immediate action items for the next meeting.
  4. Other.

Immediate Action Items:


  1. Discuss immediate action items from the last meeting.
    • Ahmet changed user permissions of the in house data management server (Midas Platform) to allow Cleveland Clinic group to be able to organize the data.
    • Ahmet also reviewed the tissue testing specifications and provided comments. He focused mostly on ligament testing to provide a full list of settings and procedures to set an example for the documentation of other tissue testing protocols. Sample thickness, width, and length measurements should be recorded in files, e.g. readme files, that can be distributed with the mechanical testing data. Ahmet needs to move "data evaluation" before "sample recovery and storage". He noted that with the settings he provided for the ligament testing, data size will be about 300-400 MB.
    • For oks004 tissue testing data, the team needs to identify images corresponding to beginnings and ends of ramp and hold cycles of stress relaxation tests.
    • Snehal updated the oks004 wiki page to summarize tissue testing samples and data. Ahmet, Craig, and Snehal will look into Python script developed to read Mach-1 file to extract time, displacement, force profiles during mechanical tissue testing.
    • Snehal also initiated manufacturing of 6 additional registration markers to be used with upcoming joint testing. The group also discussed new registration marker design. Dimensions were agreed upon, Ahmet will develop a solid model of the new design for 3D printing.
    • Snehal reached out to Morgan Jones to schedule a physician for tissue dissection. Morgan cannot allocate time on Wednesdays but on of his residents may.
    • Craig e-mailed Shannon (from the imaging facility) to ask about the issues in oks004 imaging. He has not received a response yet. Ahmet contacted Carl Winalski to ask him to evaluate the MR images of oks004. After the team gets feedback, oks004 image sets will be released. Craig will update the imaging specifications for on-the-fly review/verification of image quality.
  2. Discuss testing schedule and preparation for oks specimen to be tested in October.
    • Next testing is scheduled for October 5-8, 2014 for oks001. On Sunday (October 5), the specimen will be taken out. Monday will be allocated for specimen preparation; joint testing and tissue dissection will happen on Tuesday & Wednesday. Robb and Ahmet will have to do pressure sensor calibration, possibly on Monday or on Tuesday. Robb and Tara will arrange freezer space (for tissue samples) before Wednesday.

    • Robb and Tara will need to determine final loading profiles (including wait times to reach desired loading) before joint testing starts. In addition, they need to decide how to place the quadriceps actuator to accommodate issues observed in previous patellofemoral joint testing.
  3. Decide immediate action items for the next meeting.
    • Action items were discussed and agreed upon. See Immediate Action Items above.
  4. Other.
    • Ahmet updated the team about last week's conference call with the group at Stanford University. The major discussion item was the migration and upgrade of framework within the next 6 months.

    • Tara keeps receiving invoices from Science Care Inc. in regard to specimens. Snehal will look into it.

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