Recurring Meeting of Cleveland Clinic Core Team

Date: September 15, 2015

Time: 10:30 AM EST

Means: In person meeting


  1. Ahmet Erdemir
  2. Craig Bennetts
  3. Snehal Chokhandre
  4. Robb Colbrunn
  5. Tara Bonner
  6. Joseph Lesueur


  1. Discuss immediate action items from the last meeting.
  2. Discuss progress of tissue testing protocol evaluation.
  3. Decide immediate action items for the next meeting.
  4. Other.

Immediate Action Items:

Ongoing Action Items:


  1. Discuss immediate action items from the last meeting.
    • Ahmet disseminated joint mechanics data for oks006. He noted that some data appears to be missing. So far, he has identified that contact pressure calibration files for oks002 were not uploaded to in-house data management system. He also noted that data for left knees, e.g. oks003 were only available in right knee abstraction. Ahmet asked Robb and Tara to go over the joint mechanics data in the in-house data management system and upload additional files for completeness. Ahmet also mentioned that there are groups interested in using the data. Trent Guess submitted an NSF grant application proposing to utilize patellofemoral joint testing data. Jason Halloran is also planning to use Open Knee(s) data. Jason and his student (Will Zaylor) will be attending Open Knee(s) meetings in future.
    • Ahmet contacted Carl Winalski to arrange time for grading of the knees from MRI.
    • Craig successfully meshed the tibial cartilage in Salome using hexahedral elements. He will document his meshing experience in mesh generation specifications; e.g. hex meshing in IA-FEMesh using STL surfaces, hex meshing in Salome using IGES. He will also explore hex meshing in Salome starting with STL surfaces. The group discussed potential issues relevant to defining element, node, surface sets on the meshes. This process will likely be manual, e.g. picking nodes, faces, elements in Salome using the mouse. Nonetheless, manual selection in Salome is easy to use.
    • Snehal has been awaiting for a response from the editor of Scientific Data on the suitability of Open Knee(s) data for publication. She has not received any information from other specimen suppliers yet.
  2. Discuss progress of tissue testing protocol evaluation.
    • Martin Garon from Biomomentum, Inc. informed Snehal that they will not have the force transducers until October 5, 2015. They are anticipated to be shipped sometime after that.
    • Snehal and Craig quantified the error in zero positioning of the testing system during for tensile testing. For zero positioning, end edges of the clamps are aligned to establish a reference zero displacement of the actuator. Each conducted 5 measurements with front-to-back and side-by-side alignment of the clamp edges. Front-to-back alignment resulted in less uncertainty, max of 0.0515 mm (~1% error for a 5 mm sample). The group also discussed various strategies for zero positioning and for reference length measurement of tensile samples, e.g., based on actuator position vs optical.
    • The group discussed methodology to determine forces due to buoyancy, viscosity and inertia. The simplest approach is to set up the clamps and the system (e.g. water tank) exactly in a manner in which the tissue testing will be done. Without placing the tissue in the system, conduct the same displacement profile as in actual testing and report the forces, which will be a sum of all buoyancy, viscosity, and inertia effects. Robb recommended to conduct this test with the highest resolution sensor. An alternative is to characterize the forces as a function of clamp position, velocity, and acceleration. In relation, Snehal will also determine the mass of the clamp assembly.
    • Snehal still needs to design the camera mount system, potentially using 80/20 or similar parts.
  3. Decide immediate action items for the next meeting.
    • See Immediate Action Items above.
  4. Other.
    • Snehal mentioned that there will not be any imaging session until November. Current scheduled dates are November 17, 2015 (for testing days of November 15-29, 2015) and December 8, 2015 (for testing days of December 6-10, 2015).
    • Ahmet will be away during December 12-30, 2015.

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