Recurring Meeting of Cleveland Clinic - University of Utah

Date: September 16, 2015

Time: 2:30 PM EST

Means: Conference call


  1. Ahmet Erdemir (Cleveland Clinic)
  2. Jeff Weiss (University of Utah)
  3. Ben Ellis (University of Utah)
  4. Steve Maas (University of Utah)


  1. In situ strain feature - publication progress and running simulations.
  2. Decide action items for next meeting.
  3. Other.

Immediate Action Items:


  1. In situ strain feature - publication progress and running simulations.
    • Steve provided an update on the publication through e-mail and summarized main points. The Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Discussion and figure list were written. Nonetheless, he had concerns that including Open Knee(s) model as a case study may lengthen the manuscript and distract the readers. He proposed the Open Knee(s) component as a second manuscript. Jeff was concerned that there may not be enough material for a second manuscript as such. While Steve noted that a lot needed to be done to get the Open Knee(s) model work, Jeff and Ahmet emphasized the need for what the scientific and engineering motivation to drive another manuscript. They described the reasons to include the Open Knee(s) as a case study in the original manuscript, i.e. exploring change in joint kinematics as a result of in situ strains. asked the status of the current draft in regard to case studies.
    • Jeff asked Steve to continue finishing the sections. There are still some work to be done. In addition, Ahmet and Jeff asked Steve to run the Open Knee(s) - Generation 1 model with an without in situ strain. They encouraged Steve to write down ideas for a second paper to identify its clear purpose. It is possible to incorporate Open Knee(s) simply to illustrate that the in situ strain feature works in a joint model. Convergence issues, non-uniqueness of the pre-strain field, etc. can be discussed as part of the Discussion section. If an interesting motivation emerges from Open Knee(s) simulation, i.e. a treatment requiring joint level force balancing, a second paper may be possible.
    • Jeff and Ahmet will go over the current draft and provide recommendations to Steve.
  2. Decide action items for next meeting.
    • See Immediate Action Items above.
  3. Other.
    • Ahmet noted additional dissemination of Open Knee(s) joint mechanics data.
    • Jeff and Ahmet discussed commercial licensing of FEBio as some Open Knee(s) users may want to utilize the software in commercial projects.

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