Recurring Meeting of Cleveland Clinic - University of Utah - Stanford University

Date: May 11, 2016

Time: 2:00 PM EST

Means: Conference call


  1. Ahmet Erdemir (Cleveland Clinic)
  2. Joy Ku (Stanford University)
  3. Jeff Weiss (University of Utah)
  4. Ben Ellis (University of Utah)
  5. Steve Maas (University of Utah)


This was a free form meeting to connect teams from Stanford University and University of Utah. The main purposes were to update University of Utah team following the upgrade of and to explore bringing and FEBio communities together.

Immediate Action Items:


  1. Joy was running late. In the meanwhile Ahmet and the members of the University of Utah team discussed prospective FEBio features that may beneficial to Open Knee(s) specifically and to the joint modeling community broadly:
    • Jeff noted that the manuscript on the in situ strain feature was published and was uploaded to the FEBio web page for dissemination.
    • Steve mentioned Gerard Ateshian's work on shells. He noted that Gerard has been trying to implement linear constraints to resolve contact problems with shells. Jeff asked Steve to add this to the agenda of their lab meetings to further discuss.
    • Ahmet reminded Steve about the spring elements with wrapping and foundation based contact models. Steve has started working on the former but later switched to other work.
  2. Joy joined the meeting and provided a quick overview of the new site:

    • The existing features are provided in a new, easier to navigate format. The site uses FusionForge as the back-end.

    • New features were added to encourage cross-pollination and streamline what was already there. In particular, the components of the SimTk project sites are arranges as plug-ins to clean up integration of existing features, e.g. wiki, forum and source code repository, and to allow extensibility, i.e. alternatives such as GitHub for version control.

    • In response to Jeff, Joy explained that for issue tracker uses built-in FusionForge and for forums it uses phpBB. Jeff is interested in upgrading the tools used for FEBio site based on experience.

    • Ahmet summarized the user's perspective, in reference to Open Knee(s), as an example for FEBio communities to use for project hosting.

    • Joy also mentioned that issuing DOIs would possible by the end of the month.
  3. The participants discussed ways to connect audiences and FEBio communities:

    • Jeff said that user contributed models can be hosted at or links to and back can be established.

    • Joy noted the privacy of projects and their components can be turned on/off, allowing providers of FEBio models have full control on access.
    • Different licensing schemes can be selected by providers of FEBio models.
    • Joy mentioned the possibility to have a category page for FEBio, e.g. similar to neuromuscular models. This may help highlight the FEBio community at and get people together. She can get a small collection of FEBio projects up on

    • Jeff noted that University of Utah has a summer course for FEBio and can be used by attendees.

    • Jeff asked about content generation at SimTk. Project site contents are done by owners of the project where as category pages can be accumulated automatically after managers work on a tweaks. Per Jeff, automatic categorization may be incorrect. It may be possible to have an override. Publications are populated manually; Joy has been thinking about the possibility to pull information from Google Scholar.

  4. Ahmet mentioned the cloud computing feature that was implemented as part of the Open Knee(s). Joy and Ahmet described the way cloud computing works, i.e. providing the possibility to run an existing model with FEBio with different input that can be changed through wa web interface. The feature is hidden at this moment. Ahmet will provide Open Knee(s) - Generation 1. FEBio team may provide problems from the verification suite.
  5. Joy will send a summary of the discussions to the team the flesh out use cases. FEBio group will work on updating site of FEBio. All members are interested in exploring a publication focusing on cloud computing.

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