Recurring Meeting of Cleveland Clinic - University of Utah

Date: October 12, 2016

Time: 2:00 PM EST

Means: Conference call


  1. Ahmet Erdemir (Cleveland Clinic)
  2. Jeff Weiss (University of Utah)
  3. Steve Maas (University of Utah)
  4. Ben Ellis (University of Utah)


  1. Ongoing and planned activities at Cleveland Clinic.
  2. Ongoing and planned activities at University of Utah.
  3. Other.

Immediate Action Items:


  1. Ongoing and planned activities at Cleveland Clinic.
    • No critical updates since last conference call.
  2. Ongoing and planned activities at University of Utah.
    • Steve described that in PreView it would be possible to generate springs. He implemented a penalty based stabilization term to account for force calculation based on total length. The simulations using this constraint have been running well. The bending stiffness, which was used previously for convergence, has been problematic after the implementation of stabilization based on total length. Steve will remove this or fix it. He has not tried the spring formulation with contact yet, e.g. wrapping. This is the next step.

    • Steve did not follow up with Gerard about shell formulation.
    • Steve mentioned that dampers between rigid bodies were implemented already. He directed Ahmet to usage notes in the documentation.
    • Ahmet asked about the availability of in situ strain at FEBio website. Steve has recently implemented some changes to fix a few errors. He thought that Dave would have been working on it. The plug in should be ready for download at the website soon.
  3. Other.
    • Jeff mentioned that Joy had contacted him for a letter of support for SimTK grant application. Jeff and Ahmet talked about licensing to use FEBio for cloud computing. For specific use in Open Knee(s), i.e., FEBio being utilized for solution of Open Knee(s) models for a limited set of predefined variables, the licensing restrictions will not likely be an issue. Nonetheless, Jeff indicated his interest for registration and login of cloud computing users at the FEBio site as well, for streamlined tracking of user base. Ahmet emphasized his preference for single login to cloud computing that can be utilized for both SimTK and FEBio sites. He noted that this may be important for usability. He will arrange a meeting with Stanford University and University of Utah teams, including web programmers, to explore the possibility of single login access. If not feasible, Ahmet will likely provide another problem for cloud computing that will not be restricted with software licensing and tracking requirements.

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