Cleveland Clinic - Stanford University - University of Utah Meeting

Date: November 18, 2016

Time: 2:00 PM EST

Means: Conference call


  1. Ahmet Erdemir (Cleveland Clinic)
  2. Joy Ku (Stanford University)
  3. Henry Kwong (Stanford University)
  4. Jeff Weiss (University of Utah)
  5. Wendy Johnson (University of Utah)


The conference call is scheduled to start discussions on streamlining user experience for cloud computing of specific models, which will be delivered through SimTk and utilizing FEBio. Ideally, the user should have access to cloud computing feature of a specific model (e.g. Open Knee) using single login for usability purposes. For collection of usage data and tracking user statistics, it is desirable to have the user establish registration both at the SimTk site and to the FEBio site.

Immediate Action Items:


  1. Ahmet described what he intended to do with FEBio using the cloud computing feature that will be made available as part of SimTk. The web developers of relevant Stanford University and University of Utah sites joined the conference call.

  2. Two potential issues were discussed; one relating to FEBio license, the other on streamlined tracking of FEBio users who utilize SimTk cloud computing.

  3. For licensing, Jeff will check with the University of Utah officials and confirm that the described use case do not violate licensing terms.
  4. For tracking FEBio users who intend to utilize SimTk cloud computing, multiple options were iterated: users having to register on both SimTk and FEBio sites and users confirming that they are registered to use FEBio; SimTk site automatically sending authentication information to FEBio site for user tracking; a single login, e.g. Google account, that can be used to access both SimTk site and FEBio registry.

  5. For implementation, the teams agreed to explore options to use plug-ins to communicate with each others databases and also to implement authentication using a single login account.

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