Weekly Update in lieu of Recurring Meeting of Cleveland Clinic Core Team

Date: March 07, 2017

Provided by: Snehal Chokhandre

Ongoing Action Items:


  1. Tissue testing.
    • Snehal conducted repeatability tests on another rubber sample for unconfined compression. The error was under 5% for the four tests. The material specific information from the manufacturer was not available for this sample.
    • Snehal has ordered new rubber sheets of various thicknesses and stiffness values and will conduct a thorough assessment to find a base material with repeatable behavior over several tests under the proposed protocols. If these tests are successfully repeatable it can be used to explain the non-repeatability of tissue over large number of tests (mainly due to possible deterioration of tissue over 3-4 days of repeatability testing which may not be an issue for a rubber sample).
    • Snehal will also perform cartilage unconfined compression repeatability tests for the 48 yr old specimen similar to those done on the 40 yr old specimen.
    • Along with streamlining the current tissue data analysis and thickness measurement python scripts, Snehal is also working on scripts for data fitting to obtain material coefficients for constitutive models.
  2. Data manuscripts.
    • No progress.
  3. Segmentation.
    • No progress.
  4. Other.
    • Ahmet informed Snehal that he would like to include Rici Morrill and Tyler Schimmoeller in evaluation of tissue testing protocols and tissue testing data analysis. Tyler will be conducting similar tests on other tissue types for another project. Rici will be analyzing the data from Tyler's work. Data analysis scripts can be developed in a synergistic manner to serve the purposes of both projects.
    • Ahmet also informed Snehal that Rici has been working with motion analysis files and coordinate system transformations. Some of her scripts can be ported to Open Knee(s).

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