Recurring Meeting of Cleveland Clinic - Stanford University

Date: April 20, 2017

Time: 12:00 PM EST

Means: Conference call


  1. Ahmet Erdemir (Cleveland Clinic)
  2. Joy Ku (Stanford University)


Freeform discussion on cloud computing.

Immediate Action Items:

No immediate action items were decided upon. The teams will continue monthly meetings to discuss future of the cloud computing interface in SimTk.


  1. Joy mentioned that there has not been any new users of the cloud computing feature and the sample case provided in the Open Knee(s). At this point the feature serves as a proof of concept. She also thinks that when a full model representative of a real problem is provided, the userbase may be more engaged. She mentioned (and Ahmet agreed) that the cloud computing feature is deep in the SimTk site. People do not necessarily see it until they get to the project page.

  2. Ahmet and Joy discussed the needs to understand the audience.
    • Researchers may not be interested in as they will likely download and use the model. Nonetheless, for the novice, the cloud computing may diminish the barrier to entry.
    • Joy has been thinking of reaching out to educational groups and may be partner with developing curricula. Ahmet mentioned that the interface may need to be packaged to accommodate their needs, which may be challenging. Joy responded that the educators may step up to tackle the delivery.
    • Ahmet reminded Joy that cloud computing can be used as a service to reproduce results of publications.
    • Joy and Ahmet also discussed Ahmet's vision on conducting in silico experiments on the cloud.
    • Another interesting activity may include setting up challenges and competitions through the use of cloud computing.
    • Ahmet and Joy also discussed how cloud computing may make art of modeling more consistent. During model development and simulation, many decisions need to be made irrespective of the scientific domain, e.g., biomechanics or molecular dynamics. Capturing some of the decision making process may be useful. Illustration of the consequences of making bad decisions may be helpful as well. Model files, simulation configuration files, can all be incorporated in the cloud computing instance of a modeling and simulation workflow.
    • Joy mentioned that others have expressed interest for the cloud computing piece. Ahmet recommended forming a cloud computing special interest group within SimTk. This may also assist interfacing different models through this feature.

  3. Joy asked Ahmet about his near term goals within the grant period.
    • Ahmet noted that the incorporation of cloud computing feature is in agreement with the proposal. The next steps, that are not necessarily within the grant scope are to engage developers and users and include other projects.
    • Ahmet and Joy discussed no cost extension, in particular to Stanford University budget. Joy confirmed that Stanford University will not need a no cost extension. Ahmet will request no cost extension for Cleveland Clinic budget.
    • The participants decided to keep the monthly meetings to discuss the future of cloud computing on SimTk.

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