Two Week Update in lieu of Recurring Meeting of Cleveland Clinic Core Team

Date: May 23, 2017

Provided by: Snehal Chokhandre

Ongoing Action Items:


  1. Tissue testing.
    • Snehal completed cartilage unconfined compression test for the 78 year old specimen. Over four tests the error is ~9% which is close to the test set from the 48 yr old specimen from previous week.
    • Snehal has been conducting cartilage confined compression tests for the 48 year old specimen. The conditions are the same as the unconfined compression test: use of PBS, longer rest time between tests and 300 micrometer buffer before preconditioning and stress relaxation to capture entire loading of the tissue.
    • Indenter with 3 mm tip was used to cover most of the filter surface (5 mm) to avoid buckling as seen in previous tests where indenter with smaller tip was used.
    • So far, the two cartilage confined compression tests for the 48 year old specimen appear repeatable (particularly at higher strains).
  2. Data manuscripts.
    • No progress.
  3. Segmentation.
    • No progress.
  4. Other.
    • Simulation test case
      • Snehal added all files related to the simple cartilage compression example to the repository.
      • Next, snehal will use the pipeline created by Ben to automatically mesh and assemble the model to run the same example.
      • To progress towards the assessment of variations in FE predictions (if any) due to surface topology differences as a result of manual segmentation, Snehal will take unsmoothed surfaces created by Craig and Connor for oks001 patella and femur cartilage and apply exactly the same smoothing, meshing, etc. parameters to both sets and run compression simulations.
      • To further expand the models to be able to incorporate loading scenarios from patellofemoral joint testing, models including patella, femur, quariceps tendon and patellar ligament will be built next from oks001 geometries created by Craig and Connor.
    • Snehal, along with other members of Erdemir Laboratory attended the BMES/ FDA Frontiers in Medical Devices Conference last week.

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