Weekly Update in lieu of Recurring Meeting of Cleveland Clinic Core Team

Date: June 13, 2017

Provided by: Snehal Chokhandre

Ongoing Action Items:


  1. Tissue testing.
    • Snehal completed the indentation test set for cartilage (using confined compression test set up without filter). The repeatability seems acceptable (<10% error). The sample also doesn't appear to buckle especially the first three tests (last two tests do have some buckling in the beginning of ramp load before preconditioning, however the preconditioning data itself looks good for all tests). The sample was kept in the compression chamber set up the entire time dipped in PBS. The indenter was also not removed from the testing system to minimize any variations due to test set up.

    • Snehal will resume confined compression tests once a thicker filter is made.
    • Snehal is currently conducting cartilage tensile multi-day repeatability tests.
    • Martin from Biomomentum, Inc. informed Snehal that each Mach-1 sequence will have a separate xml file and whenever the software is updated afterward, a prompt will appear to update all existing xml files so that there is no conflict between the new software versions and the existing sequence files.
  2. Data manuscripts.
    • No progress.
  3. Segmentation.
    • No progress.
  4. Other.
    • In regard to simulation test case, various activities were performed:
      • Snehal did a comparison for patella cartilage geometries (oks001) for her segmentation attempt with that of Craig's using Hausdorff distances. It appears that one region in particular has >1mm variation. Ahmet suggested overlaying raw segmentations on the images and using a cutting plane to locate the area (in images) where the maximum error occurs.

      • Snehal also build a simple patella cartilage indentation model using spherical indentor but is having some convergence issues. Ahmet suggested making the indentor rigid and/or instead or applying/ restricting translation at only one node, apply at multiple nodes and also lock rotations.
    • Snehal has also started segmentation for bones for oks002 and will continue to fill up the segmentation matrix over the summer along with tissue mechanical testing repeatability tests.

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