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Open Knee(s): Virtual Biomechanical Representations of the Knee Joint

-- aerdemir 2014-03-07 16:03:07 The following information was provided by Cara Sullivan for development of an introductory promotional video to share with the community.


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Creating a 3D model of the knee joint can help us better understand mechanisms of injury, the function of joint and tissues, the impact of pathogens and disease, and how to better plan surgical interventions [show existing models, scans, etc.]. Currently there are hundreds of finite element models of the knee available to the scientific community. What makes our different? The Open Knee project is proceeding with a completely open development and dissemination model- giving the opportunity for peer review, modification, and validation throughout the process[include images, videos of CCF, resources, different machines- robot, etc.]. Through a combination of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Robotic testing, we have been able to collect some data to incorporate into our model. Typical scenarios will be modeled in dynamic simulations to help further our understanding of the knee joint and knee kinematics. [**This would be a great place to include a video of our process, the set up, and maybe something running. This section would need more information to guide image collection**] Follow our progress on our project site: The project progress will be entirely visible through the site to allow for web-based collaboration. For more information on joining our team, of supporting our collaboration, please contact us through the project site.

Required Video Clips: suggested clips and images for discussion included in [] above.

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