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Instructions and Details
1.  Download and install SimVascular according to the 
User's Manual (Look under "Getting Started"). 

2.  Launch SimVascular by starting up cygwin.  A new cygwin 
window will appear.  Type: simvascular.  Choose to use the 
classic version of the GUI (Choose "NO" in the dialog box 
that appears.)

3.  Download the data provided in the "MRI Data" 
package. Load this data into SimVascular: 

a) Select File -> Load Image Data from the Main Menu (Note 
that the Main Menu may be hidden behind the Command Console)
b) Enter the directory for the data in the field 
for "Slices Directory"
c)  Click "Load Volumetric Image Data"
4.  Download the paths that were used to create the 
geometric model from the "Paths" package and load these 
into SimVascular:

a)  Select Paths -> Load Paths

5.  Download the segmentation groups from the "Segmentation 
Groups" package and load these into SimVascular

a)  Select Solid Modeling -> Group Control
b)  In the "groups directory," enter the full path to the 
groups folder in a UNIX format (so the path should end 
with /groups and cannot contain spaces)
c)  Click the "Load" button

6.  Combine the segmentations into a geometric model to be 
used for the simulation (commercial component required for 
this step)

a)  Select Solid Modeling -> Create Pre-Op Model
b)  Click on "final_aorta" and "final_bypass" to add them 
to the list of "Groups Used to Create Preop Model"
c)  Click on the button "Create Pre-Op Solid Model."  The 
model and the 2D segmentations used to create the model 
appear in the 3D Graphics Window