• Cloud-based storage: Access files from your laptop or your mobile device from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

  • Cloud-based execution of code (beta): Let others run your code in the cloud. They can reproduce your results or use a web-based form to update your code and generate new results. Click on the “Simulations” link in the OpenKnee project to see how this works.

  • Customized privacy options: You choose what to share and with whom.

  • Automated statistics: Track visits to your project webpages and file downloads.

  • A plethora of tools for sharing and communicating with users: Post downloads and documents to share. Plus each project can create a repository with version control, a wiki, mailing lists, discussion forums, and issue trackers.

  • Integration of GitHub: You can connect your public GitHub repository to your SimTK project. Automatically download files from your GitHub repository to disseminate through your SimTK project.

  • Automated backups: SimTK has multiple layers of backup, so your data is safe and secure.

  • Assignment of DOIs to your files: Comply with publishers’ data-sharing policies by just checking a box and requesting a permanent identifier (a DOI) for any publicly shared resource on SimTK.

  • Communities created around projects: Create a collection of projects and automatically keep abreast of the latest news, publications, and discussions happening within that community. Check out the OpenSim community.

  • Project recommendations: SimTK automatically links your projects with other projects on the site through the “People also viewed” feature, increasing the visibility of your work.