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Release Name: SimVascular 2.0

Change Log
Bug Fixes and updates:
* Fixes bug in svpre with bad dynamic libraries on OSX
* Changes to select directories to save numstart file and bct files
* Fix bct bug related to mpi
* Improved wall data output and wss recalculation in postsolver for reading 
multiple bct files
* Reset gBC information after last calculation
* Fix for lofting Parasolid model while PolyData is set to default
* Updates to allow compilation with clang 6.0 on OSX
* Fixed for windows boolean operation and better error checking
* Fixes to use meshsim-9 in adaptor 
* Fix a bug in Laplace_Solve.cxx
* Fixed bug in windows copy of bct.dat
* Fixed copy command for windows
* Fixed bug when trying to use meshsim with GUI
* Fix bug in radius-based meshing.

Minor changes 
* Removed some unnecessary subroutines in proces-varwall.f 
* Minor change to supre-cmds
* Made presolver to append varwallprop only
* Better print out in initbct
* Truncated the estimated mesh edge size to four digits