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Release Name: 0.91 beta

Release Notes
This version should work with the included validation code.  We have tested it internally, but 
the software may still contain bugs or, more likely, fail in certain cases on peculiar datasets.  
We are still looking for feedback from external testing.
Change Log
# 2008-02-02 MRS
# * Added C++ embedded code yielding drasically improved speedup (~40 times for most 
# 2008-02-02 JDC
# * Renamed C++ embedded code to _MBAR.c to reflect its use as a private helper module.
# 2008-02-11 JDC
# * Split off all timeseries analysis methods into timeseries.py module.
# * Cleaned up visual appearance of code
# 2008-02-19 MRS
# * recast the type of nonzero_N_k_indices to avoid problems on 64-bit machines
# 2008-03-13 JDC
# * Minor cleanup edits.