Release Name: 4.2.3

Release Notes

Improvements and new features Added on_stop function to steppable - called if user stops the simulation Added ability to open zipped project from both Player and Twedit++ Improved commenting / uncommenting of XML scripts Added more natural syntax to refer to cell types e.g., self.cell_type.Condensing Added pre-check for cell types and fields Added Add Steppable ... function to CC3D Python menu, making it easier to add steppables in Twedit Multiple bug fixes including Fixed settings handling in Twedit++ Fixed display of line numbers in Twedit++ Fixed issues with 2.5D simulations where dim z=2 Fixed behavior of cell_list_by_cell type when using nested loops Improved random seed generation (matters if two identical simulations are started within less than a second of each other) Known Issues GPU solvers on OSX 10.14 or higher may not work properly