Collaborators Meeting

Date: August 6, 2018

Time: 3:00 PM US/Eastern

Means: Skype


  1. Jason Halloran (CSU)
  2. Neda Abdollahi (CSU)
  3. Will Zaylor (CSU)
  4. Carl Imhauser (HSS)
  5. Kevin Shelburne (DU)
  6. Donald Hume (DU)
  7. Thor Besier (ABI)
  8. Ahmet Erdemir (CC)


  1. Pre-submission check-in for model development specifications.
  2. Planning for JBME submission on project.
  3. Review of knee modeling workflows.
  4. ORS 2019 workshop update.
  5. VPH 2018 participation update.
  6. Review of previous action items - see

  7. Other.

Immediate Action Items:


  1. Ahmet wanted to have a pre-submission check-in for model development specifications. All teams seem to be on track for submissions with the possibility of a few days of delay for final tweaks to the documents.
  2. Ahmet talked about his and Jason's approach to the visibility paper, which will be submitted to the special annual issue of Journal of Biomechanical Engineering. The manuscript will describe the motivations of the project and summarize the grant workflow. With the submission of model development specifications, some progress can also be noted. Thor asked Ahmet if he needed help. Ahmet noted that he may ask the members to write a paragraph or two, when needed. He will guide them accordingly. Ahmet is planning to use some of the figures in the grant. He may ask the teams to supply figures, in case permissions are required for those provided for the grant. All co-authors are expected to review before submission. Ahmet will reach out to Tina to ask for regulatory perspective in relevance to the project.
  3. Jason has sent the review process. He was wondering if there were any questions on the workflow and when people can do the reviews. Ahmet asked if we would be anticipated to look at previous papers cited in the article that will be reviewed, particularly when the previous papers describe modeling in more detail. Jason confirmed that a little bit of digging may be necessary but he did not encouraged to do it aggressively. Most of us are familiar to the body of work and hopefully the time sink will not be too much. Thor can review promptly, he is planning about a week timeframe. The remaining participants anticipate timeline a month / a month and a half long. Jason will to reach out with Farshid Guilak, editor of Journal of Biomechanics, as we get closer to the submission of visibility paper to another journal to differentiate this manuscript from the former.
  4. Speaker for the ORS workshop are lined up. Carl thanked for the feedback on suggested speakers. The list of speakers include heryl Liu, who had worked at Abaqus and now working for Stryker. From the FDA, Andrew Baumann will join the workshop. Jason interacted with Andrew a bit; he does orthopaedics related work. Carl will present for the project. Carl was at the Gordon Musculoskeletal Conference in New Hampshire; reached out to Tammy Haut Donahue. He is hoping to spread the word. The workshop is 1.5 hours long. Carl anticipates 20 minutes long talks for each plus half an hour of discussion. The participants agree, a panel discussion will be great and can be used to bring in members of the audience to the stage who has shown interest in the workshop, e.g. Nico Verdonschot, Jeff Bischoff. Carl noted that if we can get commitment from others to join the panel discussion, this may get into the conference program. Thor asked about presentations from the groups. Ahmet noted, and Carl confirmed, that these may suit to scientific sessions as the workshop will be more didactic. Thor asked who will be attending. Ahmet is planning even if he may not submit an abstract. Carl can send a note to ORS group and see if a scientific session, along with the workshop, is possible. Kevin thinks that it may be too early to organize a scientific session. Ahmet noted that if anyone associated with the workshop (our groups, attendees, speakers) submit to general sessions, and if we know about, we can advertise. Carl is worried that these submissions may be lost in a large pile. Nonetheless, we can get some quantitative information about submissions to support a proposal for an official and structures meeting. Carl also mentioned section meetings but no section for computational modeling & simulation. Jason recalled pre-ORS meeting, which used to be on computational modeling but was not held in recent conferences.

  5. Jason is going to VPH 2018 Jason; he will summarize the project there. Ahmet is interested in feedback to incorporate in the visibility paper. Thor caught up with Nico Verdonschot at WCB 2018. He also mentioned that Marco Viceconti will be at VPH 2018. Both Thor and Carl were at WCB 2018; Kevin canceled. There were almost 4,000 attendees and it was hard to run into people. Thor had two talks and inserted slides to promote our project.
  6. Ahmet uploaded additional data for DU02. In response to him, Will noted that data set is complete.

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