Collaborators Meeting

Date: November 13, 2018

Time: 3:00 PM US/Eastern

Means: Skype


  1. Jason Halloran (CSU)
  2. Neda Abdollahi (CSU)
  3. Ammar Hafez (CSU)
  4. Will Zaylor (CSU)
  5. Carl Imhauser (HSS)
  6. Shady Elmasry (HSS)
  7. Kevin Shelburne (DU)
  8. Peter Laz (DU)
  9. Donald Hume (DU)
  10. Thor Besier (ABI)
  11. Ahmet Erdemir (CC)


  1. Model Development progress.
  2. Planning for Model Calibration.
  3. Manuscript on project motivation and description.
  4. Review of knee modeling workflows.
  5. ORS 2019 Workshop update.
  6. Upcoming conferences (BMES/FDA, MSM, CMBBE).
  7. Team gatherings.
  8. Review of previous action items.
  9. Other.

Immediate Action Items:


  1. Ahmet confirmed with the participants that April 2018 deadline for delivery of model development products is appropriate. He also reminded about recording of protocol deviations, including changes to specifications but also omissions.
  2. All teams agreed that it is a good time for Model Calibration planning. Ahmet noted that laxity data will be earmarked for this phase. He will write the wiki page on Model Calibration. He intends to have a meeting in December to go over the details.
  3. Ahmet described the status of the JBME paper. He will be finishing up the implications section and request for review by co-authors.
  4. All teams are expected to deliver their analysis of knee modeling papers for Jason's manuscript on review of knee modeling workflow. Jason received one from Denver group and reminded the teams to fill in and send the spreadsheet before the end of year. The participants agreed to take this as an action item with a due date of December 20, 2018. All involved will be given the opportunity to be co-authors.
  5. Carl provided the date of the ORS workshop. It will be on a Monday 1:30 to 3:00 PM. Before the conference, there will be an opportunity for outreach. Carl will contact to individuals and promote the workshop in Biomch-L. Ahmet can help circulate the information on LinkedIn. Carl also mentioned an exciting opportunity. The editor of JOR, Linda Sandell, invited the workshop organizers to write an article to give a summary. This can reflect perspectives on reproducibility from academia, industry, and regulatory bodies. Carl will forward the request to participants. We will have panelists as potential co-authors but also can tap into the workshop participants. Carl mentioned Ahmet's idea about polling of attendees and getting their opinions as a feedback from community. The teams are expected to support Carl as much as possible. Carl will draft a user query (draft questions) and run in by the groups to get their input. In response to Thor, the attendees confirmed their presence at ORS: Denver group will be there, Ahmet and Jason will be going, Thor possibly.

  6. The participants mentioned their anticipated conference attendance. Carl and Ahmet will be at BMES/FDA meeting; Tina will likely be there as well. Ahmet will be going to MSM meeting; Kevin will attend and Tina is a possibility. Ahmet mentioned the opportunity to have a session on art of modeling at CMBBE. Thor thought that this is a good idea. Ahmet will be at CMBBE, Jason is open to going, so is Carl. Denver group is interested, they noted that it is a good conference, which is receptive to the process. Thor will be at ISB at the beginning of August but may send someone from his group to CMBBE.
  7. The teams decided to postpone December gathering at Denver. Previously, Denver group and Ahmet had discussions about meeting after submission of the deliverables of the Model Development phase. Jason noted that this makes sense. The groups will meet in late spring or early summer after first deliverables and following submission of some papers.
  8. All action items from previous meeting were taken care of.

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