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This is the development site of Open Knee(s) - Generation 2. The development efforts for this generation of Open Knee(s) were organized by Ahmet Erdemir and supported by CoBi Core and BioRobotics Testing Core of the Cleveland Clinic, Simbios of Stanford University, and Musculoskeletal Research Laboratories of University of Utah. This project is currently funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, National Institutes of Health (R01GM104139).

The specific aims of Open Knee(s) are

  • to provide an open, freely available, and collaborative development, testing, simulation and dissemination platform for in silico exploration of the biomechanics of healthy and diseased knees.
  • to develop in silico biomechanical models of healthy and diseased knee joints of different genders and ages, supported by specimen-specific joint and tissue level experimental mechanics.

If you are a user:


If you are a developer:

  • Read the [attachment:GrantInformation/proposal.pdf grant proposal] (also linked in GrantInformation) for our vision.

  • Read the ["Roadmap"] for planned activities to fulfill the specific aims of Open Knee(s)
  • Browse ["Specifications"] to understand procedures to realize specific tasks of experimentation, modeling & simulation

  • Browse ["Infrastructure"] to evaluate infrastructure accessible to Open Knee(s) team to conduct experimentation, modeling & simulation

  • Read the documentation to familiarize yourself with the online collaboration infrastructure:
  • If you are not a member of the development team, just ask: [:InstructionsForProjectSite#Team:How do I become a member?]

  • Get accustomed to ["Licensing"] to understand the terms of use and distribution of Open Knee(s) and related material.
  • Check RecurringMeetings for a schedule of meetings and conference calls between developers and minutes of past meetings.

  • Check RecentChanges for recent wiki activity.

  • Check TitleIndex for a list of all the pages in this wiki.

  • Check WantedPages for a list of pages needed in this wiki.

If you are looking for Open Knee - Generation 1:

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