Recurring Meeting of Cleveland Clinic Core Team

Date: December 31, 2013

Time: 10:30 AM EST

Means: In person meeting


  1. Ahmet Erdemir
  2. Snehal Chokhandre
  3. Craig Bennetts
  4. Tara Bonner


  1. Discuss tasks progress.
  2. Discuss immediate action items from previous meeting.
  3. Decide tasks for the next meeting.
  4. Other.

Immediate Action Items:


  1. Discuss tasks progress.
    • Minutes from previous meeting were discussed.
    • Joint testing specifications.
      • Ahmet edited the joint testing specifications page. Remaining queries will need to be addressed by team members. Once the team members review and agree upon the joint testing related specification, a review by community will be requested.
      • A data structure document was provided by Robb in the joint testing infrastructure page. An abridged version of this document will be developed for this project in particular.
      • Ahmet requested that the description of the robot and other testing equipment specifications (ranges, sampling frequencies, accuracy) to be described in the related infrastructure page.
    • Public outreach and community review.
      • A continuous delivery of information will be adapted instead of releasing all the information at once.
      • To allow the audience to easily navigate through the pages, the front page of the Wiki will be reorganized. Specific aims will be moved to the top of the page. Separate section for users and developers will be prepared with appropriate links.
      • A general description of the roadmap page will be added at the top of the page.
    • Specimens.
      • Snehal will request four specimens and Tara will take over the responsibility during delivery of specimens while Snehal is away.
    • Imaging specifications.
      • The specimen transportation device components were prepared by the prototype lab and will be assembled and tested in the next few days. Once the device is ready Jason or Craig will contact the MRI facility to schedule the next imaging test session.
      • The next imaging trial session will test MESE & 3D-DESS protocols.

      • Craig will reorganize the imaging specifications page to reflect recent discussions on base imaging protocols.
    • Tissue testing.
      • Snehal and Tara will meet up and discuss the tissue testing preparation specifications (Sampling/ cutting).
      • Ahmet, Robb, and Snehal will meet to discuss the camera calibration issues sometime in February, 2014 while delivery of the tissue testing machine is in progress.
    • Ahmet informed the Stanford team about the bugs in task display.
  2. Discuss immediate action items from previous meeting.
    • Craig and Tara conducted hands-on trial on the effect of curing of bone cement with alternative marker materials and found all the samples to be non-reactive.
    • Action items from previous meetings will be discussed next week to cover all the assigned work that was delayed due to winter break.
  3. Decide tasks for the next meeting.
    • See Immediate Action Items above.
  4. Other.
    • Snehal will request Izzy Delgado-Dembie to help with the purchase of the tissue testing machine. The necessary accessories for the tissue testing machine (clamps, heater-thermocouple) will be designed or purchased by the end of February 2014, while delivery of the tissue testing machine is in progress.

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