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This package contains the general FBLS model, as well as experimental data and setup files so users can practice creating dynamic simulations with the FBLS model.
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Full-Body Lumbar Spine Model
The musculoskeletal model, experimental data, and settings files used to generate a dynamic simulation of jogging are provided below. The steps of the simulation workflow include: Scale, Inverse Kinematics (IK), Reduced Residual Algorithm (RRA), and Static Optimization (SO). These are described in more detail in the OpenSim Users Guide. Please also read the "ReadMe" file included with the download for specific details about creating simulations with this model.
FBLS Model Release 1.0
Apr 14, 2016

Full-body lumbar spine model and filed used for creating dynamic simulations of jogging in OpenSim 3.2.   View License

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Apr 14, 2016
1 MB
Source code
Generic full-body lumbar spine model

Apr 14, 2016
10 MB
Data and setup files to create a dynamic simulation of jogging

Documentation Links

Apr 14, 2016
Specific details about creating simulations with the available data


Raabe, ME & Chaudhari, AMW. An Investigation of Jogging Biomechanics using the Full-Body Lumbar Spine Model: Model Development and Validation. Journal of Biomechanics. doi: 10.1016/j.jbiomech.2016.02.046 (2016) View