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This package allows the user to load up to 4 OpenSIM files among the STO, TRC and MOT extensions. Since July 2020, you also have the capacity to load txt output files from Visual3D. You can specify TAG names for each file you loaded. This tag will be used in the legend to distinct same variables names from different files in the plot figure. You can plot as many as data that you want. Roll down the mouse on the column data or keep CTRL pushed down when selecting data in the column. For each file, you will also have the possibility to save ALL or the desired data selected in mat extension. If you have any suggestion or if you found some programming troubles, feel free to contact me to emmanuel.ayad@univ-amu.fr. I'll try to help as soon as possible.
Version 1.1
Jul 23, 2020

New ability ! You can now open a txt Visual3D file containing output variables ! Please note a couple of things : - Visual3D do not export Time data but only Frames. So if you try to plot Time for the x-axis, it won't work. Select Frames. - If you export more than one trial in one txt file, meaning you have the same variables names for all the different trials, I add automatically a number at the end of each variable name. For instance, you will have something like : AnkleAngle1 , KneeAngle2 , AnkleAngle3, KneeAngle4.... There is a real need to do it this way as Matlab can't afford Tables with same column headers names. - I used the output txt files from the pipeline command : Export_Data_To_Ascii_File with these parameters by default : ! /SIGNAL_COMPONENTS= ! /COMPONENT_SEQUENCE= ! /SIGNAL_PRECISION= ! /EVENT_SEQUENCE= ! /EXCLUDE_EVENTS= ! /USE_POINT_RATE=FALSE ! /NORMALIZE_DATA=FALSE ! /NORMALIZE_POINTS=101 ! /EXPORT_MEAN_AND_STD_DEV=FALSE ! /USE_P2D_FORMAT=FALSE ! /USE_XML_FORMAT=FALSE ! /USE_SHORT_FILENAME=FALSE ! /EXPORT_EMPTY_SIGNALS=FALSE ! /EXPORT_WITHOUT_HEADER=FALSE ! /EXPORT_NAN=FALSE ! /USE_SCIENTIFIC_NOTATION=FALSE ; I can not guarantee the capacity of this tool to read txt file with different parameters set on.   

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Feb 12, 2020
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