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Amber and OpenMM
Amber (Sander) compatible interface to OpenMM. Contains shell script, FORTRAN code and installation instructions.
Release 0.2.0
Jun 27, 2010

Works with OpenMM 2.0 and Amber 10 or Amber 11  

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Sep 01, 2010
8 MB
Source code
Shell script and fortran code to create the Amber (Sander) compatible interface to OpenMM

Documentation Links

Jul 11, 2010
Installation instructions for this package. Additional README files are included in sanderOpenMM package

Jul 13, 2010
Results of speed comparisons between Amber/Cuda and OpenMM


P. Eastman and V.S. Pande. "OpenMM: A Hardware-Independent Framework for Molecular Simulations." Computing in Science & Engineering, 12:34-39. (2010)

Please cite this website http://simtk.org/home/sander_openmm in any published work which utilizes the Amber interface for OpenMM (2010)

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