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Example code for accessing some Opensim API functionality for example - accessing and changing model properties and performing an analysis.
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Matlab Opensim Pipeline Tools
Tools for taking motion capture data from C3D files and generating the required input files (marker files {*.trc} motion files {*.mot}, GRF xml files {*.xml}) as well as setup files for each of the different tools that can be called from the command line. Example data from different models and data sets are provided including example pipelines to analyse data using Opensim. Some of this implementation has taken inspiration from Tim Dorn's excellent GaitExtract toolbox.
Aug 16, 2011

This zipped folder contains a bunch of functions which you might find useful for processing data from C3D files as well as generating TRC files and making setup files for running Opensim Main programs (e.g. scale, ik, id) from the command line in Matlab. Once unzipped, add the folder and all subfolders to the Matlab path using the function 'editpath' from the command window. For Matlab versions beyond 2012 the function 'pathtool' has replaced 'editpath'. Also download the example data from the Matlab_tools project page - https://simtk.org/home/matlab_tools This folder contains data plus an example Matlab function which acts like a pipeline to process data using a model that matches the data. Run the example pipeline (e.g. opensim_walking_pipeline.m) and use the data from the ExampleData folder. NOTE - YOU MUST FIRST RUN THE PIPELINE ON THE STATIC TRIAL TO CREATE A NEW SCALED MODEL AND THEN RUN THE DYNAMIC TRIAL!! A change to the pipeline tools is the shift from C3Dserver to BTK (Biomechanical Toolkit). This new way to access the C3D data from programs like Matlab is a fantasic addition because it handles the data well (including creating relevant transforms for force data) and is also cross- platfrom, hence it can be used in Mac and Linux as well as Windows. This zip file contains a folder called BTK which has the relevant files for running in a 64-bit version of Matlab for Windows. If this is not what you are using you'll need to download a version for your system from the BTK project site - http://code.google.com/p/b-tk/ (A BIG THANKYOU TO ARNAUD & STEPHANE) You will have to add the correct BTK folder to the path of Matlab - for instructions see - http://b-tk.googlecode.com/svn/doc/Matlab/0.1/index.html Please acknowledge the BTK contribution in any scientific publications - e.g. All the computations were performed with MATLAB R2008b (Mathworks, USA)and the open-source Biomechanical ToolKit package for MATLAB (http://code.google.com/p/b-tk). Please also acknowledge Glen Lichtwark and any other relevant contributors(for example the C3D functions and XML read/write functions) for any work used in academic publications. Please inform me of bugs / suggestions to improve as this will be an ongoing project. A big thank you must go to Tim Dorn (University of Melbourne)for the inspiration for much of these tools with his excellent C3Dextract toolbox - https://simtk.org/home/c3dtoolboxNotes  

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Aug 29, 2013
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Example data with two different setups - example pipelines included

Feb 02, 2014
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Source code
Zip containing the required m-files etc for using or developing a pipeline to process data using Opensim within Matlab