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Release Name: OpenSim 1.1

Change Log
OpenSim Change Log

This document catalogs the changes in OpenSim since release 1.0.  It describes new features, enhancements to documentation, and major bug fixes.  For a more completed and detailed listing of bug fixes, consult the OpenSim Bug Report Page.

Release 1.1
New Functionality
1.	Camera position can be specified when making movies.  The interface for camera control is accessed by clicking the camera-dolly icon in a 3D view.  The interface allows a series of camera positions and orientations to be specified at times throughout motion.  As the motion is played, camera position and orientation are set by linearly interpolation between the specified values.
2.	OpenSim models that use Simbody as the dynamics engine support joint locking.  Models based on the SIMM kinematics engine or SDFast supported joint locking in release 1.0.
3.	Plot Tool dialogs can be minimized making it possible to see more of the OpenSim workspace without having to close plots of results.
4.	The “Reset” and “Set” buttons in the muscle editor have been replaced by “Restore current”, “Restore all”, “Backup current” and “Backup all”. Also, all of the muscles in a model are backed up when the model is loaded. Previously, the muscle editor backed up only one muscle, and only when the editor was set to that muscle.
5.	The performance criterion used by the Computed Muscle Control Tool to resolve force sharing across muscles takes into account the force-length-velocity properties of the muscles.  Previously, only maximum isometric force was considered.
1.	Tutorials 1 and 2 have been updated.
2.	A new tutorial, Tutorial 3, on inverse dynamics is available.
3.	A step-by-step recipe for building OpenSim models that use SDFast as the dynamic engine has been uploaded to the OpenSim Wiki.
Bug Fixes
1.	All dialogs use the OpenSim icon.  Previously, some dialogs used the Java icon. (bugs 428, 485)
2.	A number of memory leaks have been fixed.  Previously, repeated running of certain tools would use up enough memory that performance would be degraded and/or cause OpenSim to crash. (bug 499)
3.	Failure to load an OpenSim model that uses Simbody as the dynamics engine is handled more gracefully; a message explaining the reason for the failure is displayed.  Previously, OpenSim would often crash.  Weld joints and general, user-defined constraints are not yet support by Simbody, and their use in a model was often the cause of crash.
4.	Muscle lengths and moment arms in SDFast-based models are computed correctly for muscles that span joints that have constrained degrees of freedom.  Previously, constrained coordinates were not always being updated properly for SDFast-based models.(bugs 509, 510)
5.	Illegal characters in the names of model components, such as in muscle names, are replaced with legal characters.  Specifically, XML meta characters like ‘&’ are replaced with underscores. (bug 505)
6.	The plotter doesn’t allow the Add button to be pressed for a curve unless all necessary inputs have been specified. (bugs 474, 487)
7.	Clamped variables can be summed in the plotter.  This feature is valuable when, for example, you want to get the maximum positive muscular moment generated by muscles about a joint.  The way to do this is to clamp all muscle moments to be between 0 and some large number, and then sum the curves. (bug 508)
8.	Plots are generated over the full range of data.  Previously, a small portion of the data at the positive end of the range was not being displayed. (bug 503)
9.	In the plotter selection dialog, muscles can be filtered by muscle group. (bug 451)
10.	Motion files (*.mot) with a single column of data and no time column are handled properly. (bug 504)
11.	The color of a body can be changed when the body is selected or not selected.  Previously, the color of a body could only be changed when it was not selected. (bug 447, 465)
12.	Deletion of models that are not current is handled properly.  For example, the model drop-down box in the Toolbar is updated to display the new current model. (bug 464)
13.	Poses and default poses for deleted models are cleaned up and handled properly. (bugs 455, 457)
14.	Canceling when specifying an output file for video creation works properly.  Previously, a Java exception was being thrown.(bug 466)
15.	Error checking when exporting models is more comprehensive. (bugs 506,  507)
16.	Missing sections in inverse kinematics setup files are created by the IK Tool. (bug 492, 498)
17.	Entries in the preferences dialog are accepted without having to change focus (e.g, without having to hit return or tab). (bug 460)
18.	Ellipsoid wrap objects are handled properly when computing muscle length. (bug 452)
19.	New muscle points are inserted in the correct position in the .osim file. (bug 450)
20.	Text fields and buttons in the muscle editor are inactive until a model is loaded.
21.	When a new muscle attachment point is created in a model that is based on a SimbodyEngine, the point is placed at unique location.  Previously, the new point was placed at the same location as an adjacent point. (bug 514)