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Release Name: OpenSim 2.0

Release Notes
New Functionality 
1. Contact functionality has been integrated using two different 
contact models.
2. Ability to use more than 2 external forces in various tools (used 
to be up to 2).
3. Switch to an error-controlled and more robust RungeKutta-Merson-
Integrator from SimTK.
4. The API to allow creating new Model Components particularly 
Actuators, Analyses and Controllers.
5. The ability to use the full OpenSim functionality outside the GUI, 
including embedding the OpenSim libraries in other C++ frameworks or 
interfacing to other frameworks.

1. Full Doxygen documentation of the API classes included with the 
2. Release of the OpenSim Developers' Guide
3. Examples using the API to create models, run Optimization Studies, 
define Controllers and create new Muscle Models.

Bug Fixes:
1. Model Gait2354 in the examples directory now has more realistic 
optimal fiber-length (.05).

Known Limitations:
1. The Perturb application has some limitations: gravity perturbation
is always off and the muscle perturbations are not being reset. 

1. Platform dependent libraries are included, depending on user's 
development environment, the corresponding binary distribution is