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Release Name: OpenSim 2.2

Release Notes
New Functionality
1. Added the ability to display Joints Parent and Child frames.
2. Added Constraints to the model tree in the Navigator Window.
3. Added the ability to enable/disable Forces and Constraints in the
GUI with Undo/Redo support
4. Added ability to control the display preference, color and texture
of individual bones and optionally add a transform.
5. Added a Preference to control the refresh rate (in ms.) when
displaying results live while running tools.
6. Added a module to enable creating custom GUI for educational use in
7. Added the ability to set bounds on actuator activation when solving
Static Optimization.
8. Added the ability to run forward tool using controls provided as a
storage file (rather than xml). 
9. More robust moment arm solver that avoids artificial spikes due to 
muscle wrapping.

1. Updated User's Guide

Bug Fixes
1.: Windows 7 (64 bit) is supported out of the box (bugs 1224, 1352)
2.: Incorrect bounds on InverseDynamics analysis when creating setup 
files from GUI (bugs 1259, 1314)
3.: Can't turn off wrap surfaces in osim file (bug 1308)
4.: Create up-to-date states file while running CMC for
recovery/troubleshooting (bugs 1304, 1305, 1164)
5.: Restore functionality to preview static pose while scaling (bug 
6.: Enable PrescribedForce's to be added to the model (bug 1291, 1253)
7.: Saving scale and inverse kinematic setup files (bug 1150, 1152, 
8.: Excitation editor min-max visualization inconsistent with cmc (bug
9.: Incorrect Schutte activation1 and 2 in example models (bug 1180)
10.: Extensions xml, .mot, .sto not automatically added in GUI (bug 
11.: Additional default forces printed with API (bug 1151) 

Known Limitations
1. The Perturb application has been removed from the distribution.