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One of the aim of the NMS Physiome project (http://www.nmsphysiome.eu) is to create a complete software tool chain which allows researchers to build and simulate starting from the medical images the dynamic of the musculo-skeletal lower limb. NMSBuilder allows researchers to: - import a variety of patient-specific data including medical images, motion analysis data etc. - visualize the data - process them to build a full scale musculo-skeletal model - create OpenSim models guided by a user-friendly wizard - run OpenSim simulations and reload back the results To achieve this goals three open-source software are being integrated: - a MAF-based application, NMSBuilder, to pre and post process the data - OpenSim 3.0 for the dynamic simulation and - FEBio (http://www.sci.utah.edu/software/40-mrl/39-febio) for the finite element modelling. The beta release of NMSBuilder is now available to be downloaded as freeware.
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