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Release Name: 0.02

Release Notes

Alpha version 0.02 of MSMExplorer.

Change Log

A relatively complete changelog. Also check the commit messages on the svn directory. August 2010: Initial Revision April 2011: Added graph statistics (density, # edges, # nodes, avg degree) via GraphStatsManager class. Added slider/text box to filter visibility by equilibrium probability/ Heuristic to deal with layout performance problems on graphs with relative few nodes by very high connectivity. 4/5/2011 - Created GraphStatsManager class (why? whatever.). Calculates Avg degree. Used as bandaid to help TJ's MSM display a little more easily. 4/27/2011 - Added GraphStatsWindow class, which is basically just a panel that holds GraphStatsManager-generate statics. Implemented eigenvectorCentrality, SelfRefEdgeRenderer work 4/28/2011 - Adjusted SelfRefEdgeRenderer to make edges circles with radius proportional to average node bounds. Adjustments on default force simulation parameters. Frustrations with slider stacking. May 2011: 5/4/2011 - Hacked a method to allow eqProb and graph distance filters to play together. Should be addressed properly, probably with rangequeryfilters and AND predicates. 5/18/2011-- fixed up axis layout for TPTWindow display 5/31/2011 -- the DAT and MTX importers seem to be working. There's an abstract MSMReader class that can be extended to import other formats. The abstract class provides a few constants, an edge and node table, and equilibrium probability operations. June: 6/13/2011 -- added graphml save functionality. A few little fixes.