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Release Name: MOtoNMS v2.2

Release Notes
RELEASE 2.2 (June 5, 2015)

New Features

- Processing of data along different motion directions with respect 
to the laboratory reference system (forward, backward, 
90right, 90left)
- Computation of CoP coordinates for force platforms with pads
- Possibility to skip the computation of joint centers in 
- Interpolation of gaps in marker trajectories with size less than 
MaxGapSize (chosen by the user in the elaboration.xml file)
- Piecewise filtering for marker trajectories having NaN values due 
to a missed interpolation
- Inclusion of EMG labels while saving EMG data in .mat format
- Definition of a maxemg output folder for each dynamic 
elaboration, to group log data related to the maximum EMG values 
- Storing of all raw EMGs selected for the maximum EMG values 
computation and the corresponding envelopes as .mat files
- Addition of information about the trial and the time corresponding 
to each maximum EMG value, when printing the maxemg.txt output 
file and logging in .mat format (maxemg.mat)
- Plot of raw EMG and envelope for each muscle, corresponding to the 
trial where the maximum EMG value occurs
- Availability of multiple formats documentation (GitHub Project 
- Compatibility with MATLAB R2014b
Change Log
Code Changes

- Added optional MotionDirection element in acquisition.xsd 
to support trials with different directions of motion  
- Added optional PadThickness element in laboratory.xsd and 
acquisition.xsd, to account for plate padding in the computation 
of CoP coordinates
- Added MarkersInterpolationType with MaxGapSize element in 
elaboration.xsd, to let the user define the gaps' maximum size 
for the interpolation of marker trajectories 
- Modified identification of the first and last frame for marker 
trajectories: added case of NaN values when markers are initially not 
- Added possibility to disable warnings from BTK tool in 
- Moved saving of maxemg.txt output file inside maxemg folder
- Handled error that can occur if input C3D file names do not include 
the repetition number (as required)
- Handled error in Y axis scale setting in EnvelopePlotting.m
- Renamed CHANGES.txt to CHANGES.md

Bug Fixes

- Fixed reading of C3D files without data from force platforms (FP)
- Fixed handling of FP data when a laboratory has more than 2 FPs of 
different types
- Fixed selection of Leg on ForcePlatform in 
AcquisitionInterface when there are more than 2 FPs in the 
- Fixed definition of timeStartFrame and timeEndFrame in 
selectionData.m to account for an initial starting condition of 
t=0 and frame number=1. Fixed accordingly the definition of 
frameArray in writetrc.m
- Fixed computation of the hip joint center (HJC) with the Harrington 
method (HJCHarrington.m) when the input static file has a frame 
number lower than 3