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Provide a complete, user friendly and highly configurable tool to automatically process experimental motion data from different laboratories for their use into neuromusculoskeletal software.

License: MOtoNMS , MOtoNMS Software Repository, MOtoNMS Test Data, MOtoNMS User Manual

MOtoNMS processes experimental data from C3D files of different motion analysis devices and produces input data for OpenSim (.trc and .mot, OpenSim file formats). When available, EMG signals are also processed and can be exported in several formats (.mot, OpenSim motion, .sto, OpenSim Storage, and .txt, plain text format) compatible with the CEINMS toolbox (https://simtk.org/home/ceinms), and easily usable also by other applications.

Procedures implemented in MOtoNMS include: (i) computation of centers of pressure and torques for the most commonly available force platforms (types from 1 to 4, including Bertec, AMTI and Kistler); (ii) rotation of motion capture data between different coordinate systems (those of force platforms, laboratory and OpenSim); (iii) EMG filtering, maximum peak computation, and normalization; (iv) exportation of data ready to be used in OpenSim and CEINMS toolbox. Procedures are highly configurable through user-friendly graphical interfaces that setup XML files listing all the parameters of the execution.

The architecture has been designed to easily accommodate new contributions in instrumentations, protocols, and methodologies. Additionally, data management results in a clear organization of input data and an automatic generation of output directories with a uniquely defined structure.

The tool has been already tested on data from several laboratories with different instruments and procedures for the data collection.

MOtoNMS is released under GNU General Public Licence and freely available to the community without warranty. The software requires either Motion Labs C3D Server software or BTK (Biomechanical ToolKit).

A manual is included with the software, while a html version is always available from the GitHub Project Pages at http://rehabenggroup.github.io/MOtoNMS/. For doubts, suggestions, bugs please either use the MOtoNMS forum or send us an email. This is an ongoing project, any feedback is really appreciated.

When using MOtoNMS or our Test Data, please acknowledge the authors and cite our main publication:
Mantoan et al. Source Code for Biology and Medicine (2015) 10:12
DOI 10.1186/s13029-015-0044-4


An archive of the latest release is freely available. We also provided a set of data to play with. If you are interested in collaborate with the development, the latest version of the software is also available at the GitHub repository: https://github.com/RehabEngGroup/MOtoNMS.

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