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Easily model the structure and dynamics of macromolecules

License: MMB 3.4 for Windows, MMB recent releases, (old) MMB 2.10, (old) MMB 2.11, (old) MMB 2.12, (old) MMB 2.13, (old) MMB 2.14, (old) MMB 2.15 with GUI, (old) MMB 2.16.5 with GUI, (old) MMB 2.16 with GUI , (old) MMB 2.17 WITHOUT GUI, (old) MMB 2.6 , (old) MMB 2.8

MMB (a contraction of MacroMolecule Builder) was previously known as RNABuilder. The latter is available up to revision 2.2. We renamed the software since even some longtime users were unaware that the package now handles protein and DNA and protein as well as RNA. You can use MMB for morphing, homology modeling, folding (e.g. using base pairing contacts), redesigning complexes, fitting to low-resolution density maps, predicting local rearrangements upon mutation, and many other applications limited mostly by your imagination.

MMB was written by Samuel Coulbourn Flores at the Stanford Simbios Center. It is currently maintained by the same person, now as Dean of the Swedish National Graduate School in Medical Bioinformatics, based at Stockholm University, Sweden.


New package added: MMB 3.14 for Windows

Apr 7, 2021

A new link, MMB 3.14 for Windows, has been added to release 3.4 of MMB 3.4 for Windows.

RNABuilder just released

Jun 9, 2009

RNABuilder is a tool for building 3D RNA models using a variety of knowledge the user has about the structure, including base pairing interactions.

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We provide the MMB package which allows the user to model macromolecular structures as described.

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