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Provides an easy to use application for animating and visualising RNA and other macromolecular structures.

SimTK ToRNADo is a dynamic visualization tool for coarse grain (lumped) representations of RNA and/or protein structure. By shifting the focus from individual atoms to higher order structures, such as double helical duplexes, the scientist's attention is naturally focuses toward a larger scale. Biologists will be able to use their intuition to interactively refold RNA structures and produce morphs from one structure to another.


Tornado version 0.11 released

Mar 13, 2007

Version 0.11 of the ToRNADo RNA visualization application has been released.

SimTK Tornado version 0.8 released

Oct 24, 2006

Version 0.8 of the SimTK RNA visualization application has been released.

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