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OpenMM Zephyr provides a visual application for running GPU-accelerated molecular simulations.

License: 0penMM Zephyr

OpenMM Zephyr has been deprecated. We invite you instead to explore the OpenMM Script Builder web application, which provides a similar functionality. With pull-down menus and error checking, you can easily generate a script to run your simulation on OpenMM. Access the OpenMM Script Builder at Read more about the OpenMM Script Builder and running scripts within OpenMM in Chapter 4 of the OpenMM Users' Guide at

OpenMM Zephyr is a molecular simulation application for studying molecular dynamics of proteins, RNA, and other molecules. Zephyr guides the user through a work flow for setting up and running a specialized version of the molecular dynamics application gromacs. This version of gromacs uses the OpenMM API for GPU-accelerated molecular simulations.


OpenMM Zephyr 2.0 Available

Sep 15, 2010

We’re excited to announce the release of OpenMM Zephyr 2.0, based on the most recent release of OpenMM.

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