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Provide a MATLAB based, user friendly and easy-to-use tool to perform batch process of the most commonly used OpenSim Tools (IK, ID, MA, SO and JRA).

License: BOPS, BOPS Software Repository, BOPS Test Data

BOPS performs batch processing of common OpenSim procedures (Inverse Kinematics - IK, Inverse Dynamics - ID, Muscle Analysis - MA, Static Optimization - SO, and Joint Reaction Analysis - JRA) and stores output, logging information, setup files, and plots in an ordered structure of folders.

We implemented BOPS using OpenSim APIs, that receive the following information through setup files: (i) name and weight of each marker (IK); (ii) external loads (ID); (iii) muscles and moment arms of interest (MA); (iv) static optimization conditions, and muscle actuators loads (SO); (v) joints of interest (JRA). The user is in charge of defining the appropriate configuration for its data, but we already provide several templates for each setup file to speed up their customization.

A MATLAB Graphical User Interface (GUI) is available to simplify the execution of procedures. The use of the GUI is not limited to inputting the setup files. The user can also select: (i) the OpenSim procedures to execute, (ii) the trials to process, (iii) the OpenSim model to use on the simulations, (iv) the cut-off frequencies for the filtering, (v) the residual actuators, (vi) the output variables to plot and the x-axis label.

The software only requires to configure MATLAB for the use of OpenSim API (http://simtk-confluence.stanford.edu:8080/display/OpenSim/Scripting+with+Matlab), and it is based on the data folder organization provided by MOtoNMS software (https://simtk.org/home/motonms).
BOPS stores its outputs in folders that are automatically created and that integrate perfectly in the structure provided by MOtoNMS software (https://simtk.org/home/motonms). We designed the two tools to work in close cooperation to transform the data collected in a motion analysis laboratory into inputs for OpenSim and CEINMS (https://simtk.org/home/ceinms) tools.

BOPS is released under Apache v2.0 License and freely available to the community without warranty. Latest updates can be found on the GitHub repository (https://github.com/RehabEngGroup/BOPS).

Thanks to the recent join of the Human Movement Biomechanics Laboratory (University of Ottawa, Canada) to the project, the tool has been refined and extensively tested on data from several laboratories and with different combinations of procedures, setups and user choices. Their precious contribution has allowed also the addition of the JRA procedure to those already available and led to the release of v2.0, a definitely improved and more stable version.

A tutorial video exemplifying how to use BOPS v2.0 is available in the Documents section.
For any doubts, suggestions, bugs please either use the BOPS forum or send us an email.
This is an ongoing project, therefore any feedback is really appreciated.

When using BOPS or our Test Data, please acknowledge the authors and cite our main publication:
Bruno L. S. Bedo, Alice Mantoan, Danilo S. Catelli, Willian Cruaud, Monica Reggiani & Mario Lamontagne (2021): BOPS: a Matlab toolbox to batch musculoskeletal data processing for OpenSim, Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering
DOI: 10.1080/10255842.2020.1867978


An archive of the latest release is freely available. We also provided a set of data to play with. If you are interested in collaborating with the development, the latest version of the software is already available at the GitHub repository: https://github.com/RehabEngGroup/BOPS

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