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Facilitate development of personalized models and research in treatment design for the biomechanics community.

Full project information is available at: https://nmsm.rice.edu. Please direct any inquiries about the NMSM Pipeline to us by posting your questions on this SimTK project forum or emailing nmsm@rice.edu.

Neuromusculoskeletal Modeling (NMSM) Pipeline is a set of tools for personalizing models and designing treatments for movement impairments and other pathologies.

The NMSM Pipeline consists of two toolsets:

Model Personalization - Personalize joint, muscle-tendon, neural control, and ground contact model properties.

Treatment Optimization - Design treatments using personalized models and an optimal control methodology.

At this time, Treatment Optimization requires the use of GPOPS-II optimal control solver.

The NMSM Pipeline is written in MATLAB to lower the barrier for entry and to facilitate accessibility to the core codebase. We encourage users to modify the code to meet their needs.

The core codebase and examples are available to download for use in research. At this time, we ask that you wait to publish any work that uses the NMSM Pipeline until the journal article reference for the software is available. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

If you need help or want to start a discussion, please use the SimTK forum for this project.

Note: This project is a living entity. Updates will be made available as the Pipeline, examples, and tutorials are developed further and improved.


You can download the core codebase as well as examples of the tools and the RCNL model.

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