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1) Provide easy-to-use relational database for meta- and signal- data.

2) Provide morphometry defined automatic scaling of models.

3) Provide on-the-fly dynamic data analysis using embedded OpenSim.

OpenSim relies on morphometric measures, motion capture signals, and clinical data to simulate and analyze muscle dynamics. While this biomechanical tool is sufficiently robust to analyze single trials and to batch-process selected multiple trials, the subject-specific model scaling and the relevant data has to be manually picked and analyzed. The relational database that combines meta- and signal- information can automate both the model scaling and the automation of data analysis. The goal of this project is to integrate SciBox relational database toolbox with OpenSim environment. BOXsci is a lightweight relational database with transparent scripting library and graphical user interface implemented fully in Matlab, the data analysis package of choice in academia and private industry. BOXsci consists of a single library for data storage, access, and analysis that is freely available for academic, research and non-profit organizations. We will create pipeline interactions between recorded biomechanical signals, task and subject specific information (e.g. model composition and morphometric measurements) and the environment of OpenSim to perform inverse and forward dynamic simulations, and to store results within the relational database of SciBox.