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Provides models for simulating infant head kinematics during realistic shaking motions to investigate injury mechanisms of abusive head trauma

License: Infant dynamic shaking models, Jan2014

This study has developed a computational model of a 4.5 month old infant using geometric data from clinical CT scans and material properties from the literature. The infant model was combined with an upper body adult model body (Holzbaur et al., 2005; Steele et al., 2013) to provide realistic shaking boundary constraints. Details of the upper body adult model can be found at https://simtk.org/home/arm2013. This model is able to simulate infant head kinematics during shaking that can be compared to existing injury thresholds.


A forward dynamics simulation is needed to simulate the infant head kinematics. The model is parameterised to allow for different infant material properties and for different shaking motions.

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