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Provides model to simulate head kinematics of experimental model during abusive head trauma

License: Lamb dynamic shaking models

The lamb was used as an in vivo experimental analogue of abusive head trauma (AHT). An OpenSim computational model of the lamb was developed and used to interpret biomechanical data from shaking experiments. Sagittal plane acceleration components of the animal’s head during shaking were used to provide in vivo validation of the model. Results demonstrated that peak accelerations occurred when the head impacted the torso and produced acceleration magnitudes exceeding 200 m∙s-2. The computational model demonstrated good agreement with the experimental measurements and was able to reproduce the extreme accelerations that occur during impact. The biomechanical results demonstrate the utility of using the OpenSim modelling framework to describe infant head kinematics in AHT.


Provides a representative example of a lamb OpenSim model whose model parameters had been tuned to reproduce the experimental data. The model contains experimentally measured kinematic boundary conditions and can be used to simulate shaking dynamics during a forward simulation.

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