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Provide a space for people developing and using musculoskeletal models to collaborate and learn from each other.

Making musculoskeletal models and simulations is a lot like cooking. Anything complicated is going to take a while to get just right and there will probably be a few failed attempts along the way. Unfortunately, in research we only see the tasty, beautifully presented, dish served at the fancy party (the paper in a journal) and not the burnt, over-salted, misshapen disasters that preceded it (all those failed simulations and ideas that didn't pan out). But there's a lot of great stuff in those failed attempts and we should document it somewhere.

Did you spend 2 weeks debugging something that was fixed with one line of code? Share it!

Do you have a simulation that you need help with? Ask for help here!

Did someone give you a great time saving tip? Pass it on!

Did you make something cool but unpublishable? Brag about it!

Have strong opinions about modeling and simulation? Climb on that soapbox!

Fail proudly.


Anything goes.
Most stuff will happen in the Wiki and Forum.


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