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Provides an easy to use toolbox, compatible with OpenSim, for the estimation of the human lower extremity muscle and joint dynamics.

License: CEINMS, CEINMS Documentation, CEINMS Source, Test data

The software permits the simulation of all the transformations that take place from the onset of muscle excitation to the generation of force in 34 musculotendon units and the resulting moments about six degrees of freedom (DOFs) in the lower extremity. The selected DOFs include: hip flexion-extension, hip adduction-abduction, hip internal-external rotation, knee flexion-extension, ankle plantar-dorsi flexion, and ankle subtalar angle.

Experimentally recorded electromyography (EMG) signals and three-dimensional joint angles can be used to determine the neural drive and the instantaneous kinematics for the multiple musculotendon units being modelled. Furthermore, the CEINMS software can estimate the excitation patterns for musculotendon units from which EMGs cannot be experimentally measured and adjust the EMG linear envelopes that may be subject to measurement errors and uncertainties, while ensuring dynamical consistency in the predicted joint moments.

Finally, the CEINMS software allows automatically identification of a number of parameters that determine the way musculotendon units activate and contract, which vary non-linearly across individuals. This is done via an optimization-based calibration procedure that adjusts the internal parameters to best reflect the anatomy and physiology of an individual.


CEINMS (pronounced ‘seen-ms’) software is compatible with OpenSim. It can currently be used as a standalone product, and soon it will be available within the OpenSim GUI.

The source code of the software is available on GitHub, and it is updated regularly. Be sure to checkout the latest version. A Windows installer is available for download in the Download section. Binaries for Linux and OS X will be available soon.

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