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OpenSim Joint and Articular Mechanics (JAM)

This project is a set of new components, models, and simulation tools developed to enable multibody simulations of joint mechanics in OpenSim.

License: CAMSKnee Workshop 2020 Release, ESMAC 2021 OpenSim-JAM Demo, Open Smith Jam Beta

This page is a work in progress as the project transitions from the original plugin version to the new version described below. Downloads and documentation will be provided shortly.

The Downloads page contains release versions of OpenSim JAM.

OpenSim-JAM Core
OpenSim-JAM has now been integrated into a forked version of the opensim-core source code. This means that all standard OpenSim interfaces (command line, python and MATLAB APIs) can be used if you download the packaged form. Release versions of the Windows, Linux (ubuntu), and Mac packages are available on the Downloads page.

OpenSim-JAM Plugin
The OpenSim-JAM download does not include the OpenSim GUI. To visualize models and simulation results in the GUI, you must download the standard OpenSim installation and load the OpenSim-Jam Plugin.

OpenSim-JAM Resources
Documentation, Models, and examples are made available through the opensim-jam-resources package. The documentation is best viewed on the github page.

For the original plugin version, all documentation and source code is archived at the following link but no longer actively developed:

For installation in MATLAB use the steps defined here: