The purpose of this umbrella project is to provide a central repository of user-contributed OpenSim utilities and extensions.

License: Neuromusculoskeletal Builder

This collection is no longer being maintained through this project. To find OpenSim utilities, you now have two options:

1) Visit the summary table on the OpenSim documentation pages (

2) Conduct a search on SimTK. Click here ( and then narrow your search to "Scripts, Plug-Ins, and Other Utilities" by checking the box on the left.

A repository of tools written by members of the OpenSim community to support their usage of the software.

Please respect your fellow OpenSim Users.
In using these utilities we ask that you respect the hard work of your fellow researchers by citing their work appropriately. When you go to the Download section you will be directed to individual project pages for each model which contain all of the files and documentation. Please carefully review the publications and cite the references in your future papers, presentations, grant applications, etc.

Have a utility to contribute?
Do you have a utility which you would like to make available through this library? Providing others with access to your tools and utiities can stimulate future studies, provide a foundation for young researchers, and maximize the impact of your work. It’s easy to set up a project page to post your work. This will allow you to track who is using your utilities and be in contact with them. Please consider contributing! If you would like to have your project included on this site, please contact Jennifer Hicks, listed as one of the Project Leads.

No guarantees about quality, correctness or support are provided by the SimTK team or OpenSim team. Use at your own risk.

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