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Provides a total knee joint finite element model for predicting articular cartilage stress and strain.

License: CP_HMB_Knee_FEM

This project offers a subject-specific, total knee joint finite element model. In the MS thesis associated with this project, the model is used to predict articular cartilage stress and strain during the stance phase of gait. The model was partially validated with in vivo and other finite element analyses, but requires further validation and development to accurately predict articular cartilage contact parameters. Specific limitations include material properties, as well as potentially loading boundary conditions. Special attention should be paid to the "Future Work" section of the referenced thesis document in order to further develop the model for use in other studies.


An Abaqus input file for the total knee joint finite element model, along with a user subroutine to calculate Lagrangian strain, are included to duplicate the results of the referenced thesis document, or to develop further for use in other studies.

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