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Provides an easy-to-use application for visualising imaging data, segmenting images, creating geometric meshes, and exporting OpenSim and FE models.

We have built an open-source software framework called the Musculoskeletal Atlas Project (MAP) for creating musculoskeletal models. The software is built with a Python plug-in architecture, to enable quick and easy development from the community. The client-side application (MAP Client) facilitates dicom and motion capture integration, registration tools, and meshing capabilities. The MAP database stores meshes from a larger population of medical imaging data, known as the Melbourne Femur Collection, which consists of 320 full body CT scans. The MAP Client uses statistical shape modelling to provide a best-match to your mocap and medical imaging data and generate surface geometry to generate an OpenSim model.

MAPClient Homepage :

MAPClient - FAI Workshop :

Git Hub Repo Generic MAP plugins :


Visit to visit a workshop on installing the MAP Client

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