Provides a visualization tool for OpenSim

This project is a visualization tool for OpenSim. It allows the visualization of musculoskeletal data or simulation results within the GUI of OpenSim. It currently includes 7 modes of visualization :

1) Error from an IK process as streamlines for each marker
2) Muscular activation or forces from CMC/SO as color/opacity mapping on 3D meshes
3) MR Images viewer and alignment with the musculoskeletal model
4) Moments from ID as arrows located at joint positions
5) Finite Element simulations from FEBio as color coded time-dependent 3D meshes
6) EMG comparison to muscle activation as color/opacity mapping on 3D meshes
7) Multi-simulation visualization as 3D volume rendering

This project was initiated by EPFL-VRLab (Switzerland) within the framework of the Marie-Curie european project 3D Anatomical Human (http://3dah.miralab.ch/). It is now developed within the Games and Virtual Groups of Utrecht University (The Netherlands).

Module, documentation and test samples are available in the download section.


The project provides the NetBeans module (.nbm file), data sample to test the tool and documentation.

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