The projects linked to on this umbrella site include downloads of scripts, plug-ins, and other tools to facilitate and extend the use of OpenSim. Possible tools include Matlab scripts for data processing, plugins to perform new analyses and more.
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External Loads File Script
A Matlab script, with examples, to generate GRF .mot files and an external loads setup file compatible with OpenSim 2.4. The script works with standard gait lab GRF data from pre-2.0. A README file with instructions is included with the download. Author: Sam Hamner.
Version 1.0
Jan 20, 2012

Matlab scripts and instructions compatible with OpenSim 2.4.  

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Jan 20, 2012
649 KB
Source code

A set of matlab scripts for preprocessing experimental data to put it in format expected by OpenSim. These scripts were developed by Ajay Seth to process C3D from Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare.
Preprocess for OpenSim
Aug 06, 2008


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Aug 28, 2008
119 KB
Source code
MATLAB Scripts for Processing Data